• Next-generation spectrometers

    for medical diagnostics and beyond

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a true diagnostic service for the Healthcare,
unearthing fundamental yet so far inaccessible information

Our Technology

Biomechanical properties (stiffness, viscosity) of living cells and tissues play a fundamental role in age-related diseases. Our on-chip spectrometers open the gate to access this information with unprecedented resolution and speed.

Key Properties

Compared to existing hyperfine spectral devices, our technology enables a more affordable user-friendly and faster solution for biomedical diagnostics and material sensing amongst hospitals and research institutions.

  • Low Cost

  • Fast Solution

    less than 0.1s/spectrum

  • Miniature

    30∗ smaller

Photonic Integration applied to

Optical Communications

FTTx and access networks, microwave/RF photonics, long-haul and transport networks, optical datacom

Optical Signal Processing

Optical metrology, optical instrumentation, optical communications, quantum optics


Structural engineering, chemical sensors, transport and aerospace, energy and utilities


Medical instrumentation, photonic lab-on-a-chip, analytics and diagnostics, optical biosensors

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