Specto Photonics is a deep tech Italian-based company established in 2019.  Specto develops, manufactures and commercializes the next-generation Silicon Photonics devices for Brillouin spectroscopy. This technology enables to optically retrieve mechanical viscoelastic information of both organic and inorganic materials, without the need of contact or label. This fundamental data is so far inaccessible through conventional technology.

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Specto has a big ambition

To revolutionize  Brillouin  spectroscopy  by making it  truly  accessible  to worldwide researchers and greatly contributing to the advancement of life, medical and material sciences.

THE Research

Given its unique capability to optically assess mechanical viscoelastic properties in a non-contact and label-free manner, Brillouin spectroscopy will play a pivotal role in the advancement of material sciences, biomedicine, biology and life sciences in the coming years. Specto’s ambition is to be at the forefront of this new phase, leading the global wide-spread adoption of Brillouin spectroscopy.

OUr tecnology

Brillouin spectroscopy is a unique method to use light as the only means to retrive fundamental mechanical information (stiffness and viscosity) about matter. Our miniature device based on a Silicon Photonics platform is the ultimate technology for Brillouin spectroscopy. Compared to other elastography methods, Brillouin spectroscopy is

  • Contactless
  • Non-invasive
  • Low cost
  • Label-free
  • High-resolution (<1um^3)
  • Enables 3D volumetric measurements

Tecnology application


Target applications comprise research in material and life sciences, medical diagnostic, industrial R&D and quality control.

Latest Awards

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The Team

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